Oprisk Manager

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Oprisk Manager by ITCB (Bankárképző)

  • reduction of capital requirements
  • improve P&L
  • loss prevention
  • support for efficiency-enhancing measures

Yes! Oprisk Manager software by ITCB (Bankárképző) covers all areas of operational risk management in an integrated manner and ensures all of this together.

This tool provides real help to all colleagues involved in operational risk management processes (from event collectors to operational risk managers and those performing capital calculations), significantly reducing the burden of manual, mechanical tasks, thus freeing up time to implement essential risk management issues and loss prevention .

In the web-based system:

  • users can perform tasks at the same time,
  • complex reports supporting all purposes can be created from the databases.


We carry out a complex screening of the institution's operation. We examine the operation of internal processes, legal compliance and process organization. We reveal the risks inherent in the operation of the organization and formulate a proposal for their management.

The result: transparent analysis and feasible solution proposals.

Advantages of the Oprisk Manager:

  • stable realization of 5-10% operational risk capital requirement reduction

  • improving internal functions and avoiding losses: the exploration of operational risk events with the use of feedback

  • built-in action tracker supports taking preventive steps

  • can be integrated with any other operational risk management system (regular uploading to HUNOR, uploading data to or from parent bank event collection systems, Excel data sources)

  • favorable introduction cost, predictable follow-up fees

Save time!

Compared to Excel-based data collection, it saves a lot of time and mechanical work. The system is closed and auditable and can be well administered centrally at the institutional level.

Ask the developers!

Domestic development base and experience, which means greater customization and fast reaction time compared to international software.

The main elements of the system are the process-driven system of loss event collection, the management of the entire process of self-assessment, the collection and monitoring of KRIs, and the management of scenarios. As well as capital calculation based on an advanced model established by the previous four input data. All modules are interconnected and enable monitoring of risk reduction measures.

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