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We design and offer trainings for bankers and employees in the financial services sector, research and banking operations.

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Our educational profile consists of accredited degree and certificate programs and short professional courses both online and classroom.

Learn from experts in the banking and investment sectors!

Practice-oriented trainings in Hungarian and English

  • Active involvement of participants

  • Small group size, it is possible to ask questions

  • Traing in classroom (Budapest) or online video meeting

  • From 1 day to 1.5 years in length

  • Contact us about the dates!

E-learning courses at ITCB

  • Available 24/7 in an independent schedule

  • Modern e-learning platform

  • Feedback questions, videos, lectures, practice tasks

Tailor-made training courses
Just tell us what you want and we'll make it happen!

We can create trainings in German, English and French.

Our instructors possess banking and presentation experience while meeting current regulatory requirements.

They will provide practice-oriented training, allowing participants to immediately apply newly acquired knowledge and competencies in their work.

Flexible format:

  • we can develop e-learning courses for your company,

  • we can hold online trainings,

  • or any combination of these.

Learn more about some of our courses:


The Retail Lending Academy

A highly user-friendly and easy-to-master learning material.

The Retail Lending Academy offers a wide range of knowledge and ensures that the participants will have the same language and understanding of Product management. It is a self-learning tool for Product Managers, which allows participants to learn at their own pace.

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Simulation: Finsim - Take on the role of the bank manager!

You are the CEO of a local bank. The Bank's performance - including strategic planning, business development, risk management, treasury, marketing and even sales channels - depends only on your decisions. Let the challenge begin!

  • A banking simulation game that shows real life bank management
  • Flexible training set-up: 1 or 2 days on-site or remotely online
  • Real banking decisions (pricing, collateral, marketing, etc.), incorporating the latest Basel 3 and IFRS 9 rules
  • We have played with more than 50 banks in the last 10 years

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ITCB is a leading developer of training programs in Europe

We create innovative and effective training programs that help individuals and organizations grow and succeed.

We are present in the European professional organizations so that we can offer international level training at home as well!

Check out which organizations we work with:


EFFAS (European Federation of Financial Analysts Societies)

EFFAS is the umbrella organisation of 14 national, local societies of investment professionals in Europe. EFFAS represents more than 18,000 Financial Analysts, Asset Managers, Pension Fund Managers, Corporate Finance Specialists, Risk Managers, Treasurers and other professional profiles in the investment professions.

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Bankárképző (ITCB) welcomes the Commission on Training & Qualification (TQC) of EFFAS.

What happened in Budapest early 2024?

During a professional workshop, specialists from 10 European countries jointly develop the curriculum and examination principles of the investment-themed courses that dominate Europe. They are not talking about generalities, but about what skills the banking and investment labor market already expects from professionals. They aim to develop up-to-date training courses that reflect needs, whether it is about ESG, AI or data analysis.

EFFAS courses available at ITCB:

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Interview with Jesús López Zaballos (President of EFFAS) by Dr. Tóth Judit (Bankárképző, ITCB) in Budapest.

ESG and investment related certificates in 100+ countries worldwide

Interview with Jesús López Zaballos (President of EFFAS) by Dr. Tóth Judit (Bankárképző, ITCB) in Budapest.

Key topics in the interview:

  • Certified ESG Analyst® (CESGA)

  • Digital Assets & MiCA Programme (DiAM)

  • EFFAS ESG Essentials® Programme

  • ESG Academy available at Bankárképző (ITCB)

  • Summer School

  • Shorter diplomas


EFPA (European Financial Planning Association)

EFPA is the leading professional standards setting body for financial advisors and planners in Europe, building public confidence and trust.

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European Investment Practitioner ® available from 2019 at ITCB

EFPA courses available at ITCB:


EBTN (European Banking & Financial Services Training Association)

EBTN is an international not-for-profit association, registered and located in Brussels (Belgium) at the premises of the European Banking Federation. The association is governed by two bodies, the General Meeting of Members and the Board of Directors.

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EBTN held its annual meeting in Paris, focusing on educational technology breakthroughs and AI. ITCB was represented by Dr Judit Tóth

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