IRB model

Preparing for the IRB method is a challenging and complex task for every institution. ITCB (Bankárképző) offers help in successfully overcoming this obstacle, which has helped many of its clients in detail in obtaining the IRB license. Our team's experienced consultants are prepared to solve all problems, ensuring a successful application for the advanced method.

In the initial stage of the application, ITCB (Bankárképző) defines the entire range of tasks to be carried out with a deviation analysis. In this stage, the development steps carried out during the IRB preparation are determined (elaboration of the high-level IRB project plan), the adequacy of existing documents to be attached to the application package is checked (e.g. rating/scoring system development documents), deficiencies are determined, and proposals are made to eliminate them (action plan), then supporting the implementation of repairs.

Consultancy may cover any of the following:


ITCB (Bankárképző) acts as a quality assurance provider, monitoring the project plan, ensuring the compliance of the deliverables, and providing advice to the internal developers.

Preparation of application package/documents

The development is carried out by the internal employees of the institution, but ITCB (Bankárképző) prepares most of the documentation tasks (e.g. documentation of scoring and risk parameter estimates, process documentation, policy changes), and ITCB (Bankárképző) also prepares the documents for the IRB application package and compiles the package.

Operative participation in the preparatory work

In the most integrated way, ITCB (Bankárképző) performs operational development tasks (e.g. default definition implementation, scoring developments, PD/LGD modeling, process assessments and modifications affecting use tests, writing business requirements definitions for data warehouse developments, testing data warehouse and front-end implementations) .

Thanks to the ITCB's (Bankárképző's) experience in several successful IRB implementation projects, our cooperation is effective in obtaining the IRB license of any institution.

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